Please help us get as many filters to Flint, MI as we possibly
    can... every donation helps!

    Donate to Flint, MI and ZeroWater® will match your
    product donation and cover the shipping charges.

Since late 2015, the community of Flint, MI has been in a State of Emergency due to elevated levels of lead in their municipality's drinking water.

As a result, many members of the community - including children and pregnant mothers - have been shown to have high amounts of lead in their blood. This is a major health concern, and we and members of the community are wondering how things managed to get so dire.

As the only pour-through filter pitchers on the market certified by the NSF for lead reduction, we at ZeroWater are doing what we can to help. In addition to donating pitchers and filters to the schools and residents of Flint, we also want to enlist your help. For every device and/or filter you donate, we'll match your donation.

Enter your billing information and the product you'd like to donate below and help us give the people of Flint safe drinking water.
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ZeroWater 4-Pack Filter

Donation Levels Zerowater Pitchers

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23-Cup Dispenser
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ZeroWater  23-Cup Dispenser

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Note: the product you are ordering and the matching donation will be consolidated and shipped to the United Way of Genesee County where they will be distributed to the resident of Flint.
Program subject to end as deemed necessary by ZeroWater® - Orders will be shipped out as soon as possible however, may vary depending on order quantities.